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We can proofread, copy edit, give a more in-depth edit, or provide a last polish for publication. We don’t just run your text through grammar-checking software – we read your entire manuscript.

Send us a sample chapter or pages and we will give you an estimate of cost. Pricing will be arranged beforehand on the basis of length and familiarity with English. (£6 per 300 words if English is your first language, £12 per 300 if English is your second language.) Charges can be discussed, but once a fee has been agreed, we expect to be paid. Work will not start until a fee has been agreed.

Manuscripts of up to 2,000 words can be turned round in two days. Longer documents will be timed and priced on the basis of a sample.

Help writing and designing CVs: £25 for school students and the unemployed, otherwise £40.

We use Track Changes in Word, which means that you can accept or reject any change we make, and we can also put notes in the text. If there’s anything we don’t understand, we will ask you for clarification and discuss alternative wording.
To see the changes highlighted, go to Tools and turn on Track Changes.

Confidentiality is assured – no-one else will see your manuscript. You can send us your work using secure upload.

We also offer audio transcription and page layout. However, we don’t offer
fact checking, reference checking or research.

We were all educated in the UK, but we have worked for American publishers, and can work with American English.

Email us here, or contact us through our Facebook page.