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If you’ve ever wondered what copy editors do:

How many errors can you spot?

The scheme is already reaping benefits, rewarding the populous for their efforts. But unfortunately they are rife with deficienty diseases. “We must grid up our lions and continue the good work,” said a local community leader. “Our people will not be pawned off with an inferior product.” His facile expression was a picture when the mayor cut the ribbon and opened the celebrations by cracing a few jokes that made the assembled crowd laugh like trains.

In real life the actor was the nice man he betrayed, but he’s partner in this tow-hander plumed the depths of despair before running the gambit of emotions from a to B. the plot changed tact in the second dhalf, ending with a surprise ending that surprised the audience. Those of them who weren’t eating an entire Thai green curry bought to their seat by an enteurprenising delivery company.

The UK has seen the highest fall in living standards since the 1870s, when Queen Victoria was sat on the throne, wearing a simple but ornate lace collar and the mantel of responsibility lay heavily on her shoulders. As a monarch she was not subect to presumptory laws! Things have gone awry since the good old days when we sent small children down chimneys.

Did you ever meet someone who is needlessly cold to those who deign to engage qith them? I was presently surprised tomeet this celebrity who is widely taunted as difficult to work with. I couldn’t share his enthusiasm for photographing broken umbrellas, but whatever floats your goat!